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Discontinuing your home telephone service?

Many of our customers have been asking what happens to their monitored alarm system if they cancel their existing home telephone service. Your alarm system does indeed need a communication pathway to our central station and we have a method other than the traditional telephone service.

Haas Systems utilizes a radio network manufactured by AES. The radio network takes the place of your traditional telephone service and transmits the same information to our central station. Here are just a few of the benefits:           

Each installed radio unit acts as both a transmitter and receiver. The unit automatically updates its internal routing path every 10 seconds so you can be assured that it will always select the best path to our central station. The unit also sends out a test message every 12 hours so we can be sure that you are always on-line with the network.

Unlike traditional telephone service or cellular back-up, Haas Systems owns all of the transmission and receiving equipment. We do not need to rely on the telephone company or a cellular provider if there is ever a problem with your system. Since we maintain the entire network from your home to our central station, we can offer a faster response time to any issue that may arise.

The cost of the unit runs from $600 to $800. We realize that the upfront costs may seem expensive but letís take a look at the numbers.           

With an average savings of $40 per month, most customers will have paid for their radio unit in just 20 months. 

Please contact our office if you would like a detailed price quotation or need any further information about our radio network.

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