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About Haas Systems

Haas Alarms And Service was founded in 1980 by Robert and Katherine Haas as an entrepreneurial endeavor while both were still employed full time elsewhere. A short lived partnership with a firm in Indiana evolved shortly thereafter, soon to end in dissolution as we projected a higher degree of professionalism.

Our excellent reputation soon led to a rapid customer expansion base which then demanded full time devotion to our business. Further expansion and diversification was possible as the company began the telecommunications division.

To ease the rapid fluctuation of cash flow and working capital, it became necessary to acquire another company which was in the business of providing fire extinguisher service. This new line of services provided by HAAS SYSTEMS soon expanded into a full service company to include cylinder expansion testing and a CO2 filling service.

Gearing up to meet the ever changing technology advancements, we began updating and streamlining the operating systems to include our own network. HAAS SYSTEMS was beginning to declare independence from outside services as we began providing our own computer hardware and software changes, in-house financial operations, telecommunications and radio/dispatch network.

The success of HAAS SYSTEMS' growth has been keeping an ever watchful eye on all segments of the operation and by loyal and dedicated men and women who have consistently obtained their goal for professionalism. Planning and innovation through financial stability has allowed the company to expand and meet our expectations to date. Sound planning with innovative employee input and teamwork equals success.

The Company tripled in size the five years preceding 1995 and again in 2001. Utilizing outside organizational management services in 2000, we received further administrative skills for continued expansion and uninterrupted service to our customers. 

In December of 2008, we decided to streamline our operations and the decision was made to sell our fire safety operations. The sale was completed in the first quarter of 2009 and we again turned our focus to meeting the electronic security, fire, and telecommunications needs of our customers.

Our commitment is and has always been SERVICE TO THE CUSTOMER. Provide a service for what "they" WANT, not what WE think they need!

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